Redemption – Chapter 1 – Excerpt


I’m so nervous I have butterflies fluttering around in my stomach, and up into my chest. In fact, all my emotions are all over the place, and I’m having trouble keeping them under control. I’ve tried deep even breaths, but they haven’t worked, and standing around waiting in the shadows out of the moonlight isn’t helping either. If a shift doesn’t open soon, I just might lose it.

I’m about to meet Karen, my grandmother, for the first time, and I have so many questions. Every question stirs at least one emotion, sometimes two, or three, and I get jumpy. What’s she like? Will she like me? What abilities does she have? What was Eric, my dad, like as a kid? What does she think about him keeping me a secret? I could go on, but I won’t.

Nate, Aiden, and Ryan are standing a few metres to my left, giving me a bit of space. They know exactly how I’m feeling. They mightn’t be right next to me, but they can feel my emotions, so Nate’s been watching me. I know he hasn’t looked away because I’ve felt his eyes on me the entire time.

I look over at him as I undo my jacket that’s tied around my waist and put it on. “Ben and Tony are half an hour late. Where the hell are they?”

Nate closes the gap between us in three strides and wraps himself around me. “You need to relax. It won’t be too long now before you meet Karen.”

I can feel the calming energy he’s slowly washing over me, and it’s helping, but he can’t keep it up forever. “I know. I just wish I could get rid of even a little of my excess emotional energy instead of trying to control it. Maybe I’ll use a little of it to throw one of them around once we’ve crossed.”

Nate laughs and brushes his lips against mine. “If we weren’t in the middle of a golf course, I could help you with that energy problem.”

Melting into his kiss, I lose myself for a moment imagining ways he could help me with my problem. I’m pulled out of my fantasy when I feel an electrical charge in the air near us, and Nate and I both turn towards it.

The shift, a thinning of the veil between two worlds, opens to our right. It’s about a metre out from the trees and bushes on the edge of the green, because it’s not safe to open a shift too close to solid matter. Through the rippling affect in the air in front of me, I can see two figures. The way the air moves distorts everything, but it must be Ben and Tony. They’re the only people we’re expecting to open a shift here tonight.

Nate takes my hand, and we walk through, followed by Aiden and Ryan. As we emerge, Ben and Tony are smiling. I think they missed us.

“You’re late.” I try giving them a stern look, but I can’t keep it up, and my face breaks out into a grin.

Ben’s smile widens. “It’s good to see you all. Yes, we’re late. Sorry about that. We had a slight hiccup, but we’re all good now.”

“And what do you call a slight hiccup?” Nate asks.

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