About Me


Odin & Daks Black Cropped

I was born and raised in Adelaide where I still live with my husband and two Great Danes. The furkids keep me company when I’m writing and make sure I take breaks to feed them or play ball.

Growing up in South Australia meant many holidays spent camping in the bush, often in and around the Flinders Ranges but also many other parts of the country as well.

You’ll find my stories – published, in the process of being written, or currently just notes on a page – will all (at this point in time anyway) be set around Adelaide and South Australia.

Like most of you I was introduced to the magical world of stories and books by my parents. Mum read me stories from books but dad did things his way. His bedtime stories always started with “Where shall we go tonight?” and there was never a book in sight.

Book BlackThey both instilled in me a love of stories and reading, but dad had shown me that stories created from your own imagination could be just as good as stories that came from books.

He’d taught me that stories in books started with the writers’ imagination, and when I was little and learning to write, he encouraged me to practice by writing my own stories, and I never really stopped.

As I got older I secretly dreamed of sending something off to a publisher, but I didn’t have the confidence to ‘put myself out there’ so I didn’t follow through on that dream. Instead I shelved it and got on with life.

A few years have passed since then, and I decided it was time to dust that dream off and follow it.

So here I am writing stories that that little kid could never have imagined. Maybe that’s why I had to wait.