Now Why Didn’t I Think of That Sooner?


Last time I posted about the problems I was having getting book 3 to work for me, and that I’d finally found a solution. Although that solution gave me quite a bit of extra work, at the time, I thought it was worth the effort.

I wasn’t wrong, but I wasn’t entirely right either. Let me explain.

Once I’d completed the re-write I read it through to make sure I hadn’t left any gaping holes, or suddenly had characters appear that shouldn’t have. I was pretty happy with the end result when my brain threw a curve ball at me.

Nemo / Pixabay

Nemo / Pixabay

What if the core of the chapter that inspired the rewrite happened a little later? Damn it, that would work, and a chapter I loved, but had chucked, could come back.

Right then I hated my brain. Why hadn’t it shown me that gem before the rewrite? Was all that extra work I’d done a waste of time, and about to hit the trash pile? No, not all of it, it actually wasn’t a waste of time.

The rewriting of some of the chapters had made them better, and with a little extra work they could easily fit in with the slight change in direction the story has taken. There are parts that have been dumped, but this time the majority stayed.

The end result of another, smaller rewrite is, in my opinion at least, a better story.

jingoba / Pixabay

So, I am now back on track and moving forward.

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